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Попробуйте моего табачку, Уотсон: ещё и не то увидите! (с) Народное
Автор: Petriepuss

Christmas Present Part I (Holmes/Watson) - рекомендую

Christmas Present Part II (Holmes/Watson) - и продолжение. /В связи с упоминающимся черным котом вспомнился фик "Девять жизней Северуса Снейпа"/

Title: The Case of the Golden Goose

Author: Petriepuss
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash
Author notes: Part of the Blackcat series. English is not my first language; will greatly appreciate any tips for better writing. A short smutty piece as a break from a longer one I am working on. Thank you very much to my most wonderful beta: Booklady.
Word count: 1753

Title:A Rite of Passage

Author: Petriepuss
Pairing: Mycroft/Sherlock
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Point to the pairing above. Non explicit incestuous hand-job.
Author notes: This fic was inspired by the Mylock discussion on holmesslash yahoo group. Written for Anozira because she really really wanted it. Beta'd by the world's most wonderful editing god Booklady (Two rounds in 24 hours! Sorry about distracting you from work. Ok, maybe not.)
Word count: 3089

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Love is blindness I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night Around me?
ммм, а ни у кого не осталось последнего фика? =(


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